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Elastomer Tester Elastograph-S


Key Features:

  • Stand-alone table device, with integrated electronics
  • Interface for connection to a PC for the respective application program.
  • Internal PC for operation, program control and test data acquisition – no mechanical settings are required.
  • The Software "RubberView" controls the complete measurement run and provides tools for the advanced evaluation.
  • The lower sine shaped test die half can be operated in oscillating movements of 50 opm or 100 opm with an amplitude of ± 0.1° to ± 4°
  • A selection between 8 various test dies is possible
  • The possibility of normal force measurement enables the analysis of rubber foams and the effects of therein contained blowing agents
  • Output of the vulcanisation speed and calculation of the maximum value
  • Data storage via compact-flash in the machine
  • Installed Ethernet port for data transfer to a PC (digital data output in ASCII format)
  • Compact and service-friendly construction
  • Data storage on USB stick

Optionale features

  • OOptional internal cooling of the test die for faster cool down of the sample to a lower test temperature after vulcanisation process.

    Elastomer Testing